Tree Removal in Raleigh

A+ Tree & Crane has been in the tree removal business since 1996. Since then, we have developed a reputation as one of the top rated tree removal service companies in the area. We know that finding reliable and experienced professionals to remove trees is integral to both your wallet and your property value.

If a company is not professional, it can leave your yard and landscaping looking a mess. Even worse, inexperienced tree removal can lead to major damage to your home, driveway, and property. We are proven experts with a long list of clients and credentials — you can trust us to get the job done in a professional way that is both affordable and efficient.


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Tree Removal Process

  • First, we send an experienced estimator to visit the site to determine what the best method is and what type of tree removal equipment will be required.
  • Second, we assess the level of difficulty for the tree removal service and come up with a timeline for how long the process should take.
  • Lastly, after determining the best time to begin the project, our team of accredited and experienced professionals comes to the site with equipment at the ready to start the process of the tree removal.
  • After the project has been completed and the tree has been removed, our team makes sure to haul away all the debris (limbs and logs) off of your property after your tree service. Stump grinding chips are left onsite. We make sure to preserve your existing landscape and leave your property nicer than we found it.


Types of Tree Removal

There are various ways that a tree can be removed from a residence or property depending on the complexity of the project, location of the tree, and other factors.

  • By Felling Trees: This method is usually reserved for “easy” tree removal projects and involves using a tree cutter that removes the tree by cutting it at the bottom and allowing it to fall safely to the ground. The fallen trunk is then removed.
  • By Cranes and Climbers: These types of equipment are typically used for “medium” difficulty tree removal projects. When a tree cannot be cut from the bottom, it must be cut into sections to prevent the falling tree from damaging property or other trees. Limbs are first cut off the tree and lowered to the ground, and then the rest of the tree is cut down.
  • By the Spider: This piece of equipment reaches great heights and is very versatile. It’s ideal for heavily sloped property, terraced terrain, or nice lawns since it is compacted to fit through standard gates and is on rubber tracks and tends to not leave any tracks or damage.

Tree Removal Pricing

A+ Tree & Crane estimates are free. Should you choose us for your tree removal project, there are several factors that can impact the cost of the job:

  • The size and height of the tree
  • The condition of the tree (is it dead, dying, decaying, compromised, etc.)
  • Location of the tree (is it close to a power line or in an area close to a building, etc.)
  • The general complexity of the job
  • The specific equipment and method required to remove the tree in the safest manner (crane, spider lift, manually, etc.)

For prompt, affordable and safe tree services, rely on the professionals at A+ Tree & Crane Services.


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